On into AZ

Las Cruces to Deming to Lordsburg and on over into the Grand Canyon State. We stopped at the red-rockpile-reststop scene of the Dos Cabezas peaks, then settled south of Interstate 10 in the windy high country of Karchner Caverns State Park. I jet-boiled our onions, peppers, rice & beans and we walked an evening hike through the Coronado National Forest. We found boarded up beaten mines and a cliff to sit, relax, view and sip.

The Yuccas stood 20 feet, hummingbirds rested on dry limbs, lizards licked up ants from the rocks and gravel.

The remains of a giant shasta ground sloth were found in the caverns and an furr-covered life- size replica is situatuated at the gift shop. We failed to secure a tour through the caverns in the morning so we drove west into Tucson where the saguaros begin.