Fancy Trees

30. trees made of trees, trees made of steel and plastic

Once my break lines were taut, I bought a knee brace, picked up my friend Keil in San Fran., then headed south to the circus trees of Gilroy, CA.

I expected the gardens to be a roadside haven of "circus trees," only the place was a theme park built up around the few remaining amazing grafted trees of Swedish immigrant Axel Erlandson in the early 1900s.

The price to get inside was hoggedly high ($42/person). We left eating cheap roadside peaches and checking out a cell tower pine towering above the garden's parklot.

We made camp at Millerton Lake. Another reservoir. The central valley is all fake lakes and crop canals. We floated in neon green inter tubes and had a nice food fire.

Ran into another tower pine and a special lady on the way up and over to Yosemite National Park.

I found the trees below online therefore I make no promises as to their reality.