San Francisco

32. more pudgy yellow lands on into San Fran.

Reservoirs with house boat floats and water recreation.
bright blue canals winding into the central valley of lush.

windmills and ATVs, power towers, fruit stands. 1 pound strawberries for $2, 8 oranges for $3, peaches for $2, try before you buy, juices dripping to the dust.

the shipyards of Oakland, bright cargo crates sealed and stacked, barges in the bay, sailboats, fog. bay bridge, treasure island, frisco.

We climbed the high hills near the Golden G park.
Fancey houses and people, dogs, joggers and sweet smelling eucalyptus.
We stayed days roaming galleries shops steets and spending the nights at a friend's apartment on Divisidero.

The final morning, with brushed teeth & fresh socks, we headed out over the big red bridge.