Sequoiadendron giganteum

27. facts are everything that mean anything

The Giant sequoia, the tree of fancy at the moment, rises only on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada at 4,000-8,000 feet. The sequoia grows in groves, 75 in total, all within Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. It constitutes the worlds largest living tree. The growth coined "General Sherman" is the largest. And by largest, I mean the most mass (Coastal redwoods reach higher heights, but procrastinate in girthiness). And to be more specific, General Sherman has accumulated 311 feet in height, weighs 2.7 million pounds, has lived some 2,200 years, and at its foot, is more than 40 feet wide. Many of the other worlds largest live in the same neighborhood as the general. These monsters can last over 3,000 years. They are insect and fire resistant. They refuse to die of old age. Their shallow root system, lack of a substantial taproots, and plain old gravity have brought forth the toppling doom of most sequoias.