38. into mountain time

From 80, we followed highway 95 toward council Idaho where Karl lives. Karl runs a septic and porta-toilet service, his dad was a rodeo man. The toilet company is called ASAP. Karl plays a banjolin. This is Karl:

The small town was lively and full of 4th of July celebration preparation.

In the night, the people of council will climb into the forested hills with steel trash cans in their hands. They will bring back porcupines.

On the 4th, the pines will race along the street. Their captors will chase after with clanking and banging trash cans. This sends the pines running. Bets are placed and most of the winnings will contribute to community building.

Leaving Council, we followed the Weiser river to the Salmon river to the Lochsa river. Through the Payette, the Nez Perce, the Clearwater and the Bitterroot national forests. The deer and elk flooded the narrow plains in the deep river valleys. We secured a road-dead deer skull and the sun settled as we made our way over Lolo pass into Montana.