tower palms

18. steel and plastic again

Aimlessly exploring the city, I saw at least 10 tower palms of varying varieties poking over storefronts or highway railings. In the end, I sought a grouping of five on the north side.

The group grew fenced as a family on the edge of the expanding burbish, locked in by highway 215. Their spot stood above the city near, I believe, mountains of the Desert Range. The wind ripped and sharded the plastic to the dry earth. The plastic leaves nestled into the blowing sands where they remained heavily and un-rottingly.

The steel shafts were painted a camoflage-like bark pattern, though they failed to finish the south (oppositethehighway) side of the tallest tower.

I passed the only pine tower of Vegas as I headed down and out of the city toward California, the Mojave and the worlds largest thermometer of Baker.

Nevada Stats:

Nevada is the 7th largest of the states & the 35th most populous. The residents are called Nevadans. The highest point is 13,143'. In Spanish, "Nevada" means snowcapped. NV is called the "Silver State" as well as the "Sagebrush State." The motto is "All for One County," and the state became united in 1884 becoming the 35th to do so.